Choose Employee Incentives Programs in Singapore

employee incentives programsA good reason why incentives for employees sometimes turn out to be ineffective for businesses is due to employers’ mistaken belief that everything starts and ends with employees. In truth, employee incentives programs for employees can only be successful if you incorporate them, integrate them and relate them to everything that makes up your company.

Make your company objectives and Mission-Vision Employee Centric.

Remember that incentive programs for employees in Singapore are composed of two sections: financial and non-financial incentives. To achieve and provide the latter, start by reviewing your company’s objectives and the mission-vision statement. Are they all about making profits and nothing else? Is there any mention of how employees benefit if and when their company does it well? Is there any mention of how much a company depends on its workforce?

Once you have made the necessary corrections, take the time to explain the changes you have made to your employees. Make sure they understand the need for cooperation and harmony. Finally, emphasize the give and take the relationship between the company and the employees.

Make financial incentives sound as exciting as possible.

When presenting a program of incentives for employees to your workforce, do it in the same way you would announce a new product in your market. Make everything sound as exciting and attractive as possible. Do not rely on mere figures to convince your employees to follow your directives. Yes, they are powerful, but why leave it that way when it can make them sound even more tempting?

Be fair and realistic with what you want to get.

Employee incentive programs that offer a multimillion-dollar commission will not work if you ask your employees to give you the stars and the moon.

When deciding on the objectives of your employee incentive programs, make sure that you adhere to two important conditions. First, they must be fair to their employees. Do not ask them to do something that, although achievable, can compromise their values and principles. Do not take advantage of your employees if you realize that you are in a desperate situation and prone to do anything for the incentive you are offering.

Second, they must be realistic. Do not award rewards that are obviously unattainable because you have assigned impossible goals. Do not hang incentives in the noses of your employees if you do not intend to give them in the first place. Consider the time constraints too.


Why Do You Need Client Relationship Management in Singapore?

crm SingaporeUndeniably, the crm Singapore, Edenred is the priority in handling property deals and houses for the buyers as well as sellers. Agents working in the field of selling and buying of properties will have to manage their contacts, know about their preferences and follow them up as leads. With the proper client relationship management software, it is incredibly easy for such agencies to track various aspects of their business.

Multiple benefits on offer by computer aided software for enterprises.

In the field of buying and selling of properties, expenditures can be maintained properly by the use of such software, which is present with the agencies. They can track the expenses of various agents working in the offices, their tours, trips to the site, and miscellaneous expenditures. Besides, there is the need to have an in-house listing of dynamic price index of the fluctuating property market tied with client relationship management, Edenred so as to keep their customers informed, which is elicited with the software.

Furthermore, regulatory compliance for different projects can be demarcated on an individual basis so that the customers get clearance information about the properties that they are going to purchase. Project planning and budgetary allocations can also be handled through these tools. For the large-scale agencies, with multicentre offices across the country, it would be best to use these kinds of tools, as it helps in tracking the performance, inventories and existing properties in different parts under the purview of the given offices.

All kinds of financial dealings of the company can be handled by the software tools.

Since the enterprise resource planning already has a robust integration of the financial activities, the property dealing companies can very well manage their finances, taxations, accounts, salaries of employees and other money related matters. Smart handling of various properties is possible when the software is integrated into the company’s Internet.

Explaining clients with real-time information at hand for better decisions

Another very essential feature in the property business that can be taken care by the software is the real-time data and analytics necessary for updating clients about the most recent changes in the prices. The dynamics of properties can be explained most efficiently, along with graphs and trends, so that it becomes easier for people to come to decisions regarding deals, indirectly providing good bargains at their end.

Employee Rewards Program In Singapore

employee reward programIn the event that you don’t yet have an employee rewards program at your organization, you are passing up a major opportunity for an incredible approach to expand efficiency, help resolve, cultivate dedication, and increment workers pride in the working environment which converts into higher benefits and more noteworthy consumer satisfaction.

To conquer this snag, there are numerous routes through which you can efficiently rouse your employee reward program,Edenred and keep them occupied with their workplace. The two best and basic of these are Rewards and Recognition. Current research demonstrates that organisations that reward and perceives their best-performing employees appreciate an altogether high business execution which at last prompts significantly more prominent employee viability.

There is a wide range of employee reward program,Edenred and organizations regularly have an intense time with regards to successfully choosing to utilise their rewards and other employee acknowledgment programs for persuading their employees. Take after these rules to get your employee acknowledgment programs correctly.


Rewards which can mean both, money related and non-monetary can have an enormous impact with regards to inspiring employees. In spite of the fact that monetary motivating forces are the undeniable decision for higher execution, it may not be reasonable for huge scale crusades or for the drawn out stretch of time. It isn’t down to earth for the little or medium size organizations which work on constrained spending plans.

So the other choice is to think of creative and alluring non-money related rewards that will rouse your employees. It ought to have the capacity to impart a positive push for their supported interest in an entire scope of battles. A few thoughts for non-money related rewards are work environment advantages and different assignments like creating and actualizing of view employee reward program,Edenred.


Giving due credit and perceiving the execution and endeavors of employees are as similarly essential as providing rewards. These can be executed efficiently through a uniquely tweaked employee acknowledgment program, which will keep your employees profoundly energetic constantly. Tragically that numerous directors understand the value of such programs in their working environment. Overviews demonstrate that viably strategize and executed employee acknowledgment programs will probably realize positive outcomes on the execution of employees. Most extreme care and alert ought to appear while picking the correct acknowledgment program. Pick one that best suits and fit every one of the criteria which you need to make utilization of while rewarding and perceiving your employee reward program,Edenred.

How to Choose a Good Employee Reward System in Singapore

employee reward systemExcellent performance of workers is paramount to the success of any company in Singapore. Being employed is a give and take situation. A worker will attempt to give you the best work and expect to have a fantastic reward home in return. With higher competition for top performing workers here in Singapore, the best method to keep high performers is by having a good inspirational package. A company should have a employee reward system that ensures that they are not developing a culture where employees anticipate extra packages for doing what they are employed to do, while ensuring they motivate top actors to keep doing great and under actors to perform better. So, how do you choose a fantastic employee benefit system? Here is how

1.Understand the difference between recognition and reward

This is the basic and most important step in choosing an employee benefit system. Rewards are the concrete things such as gifts that you provide your employees for good performance whereas comprehension is both subjective and relational for example stating “thank you for good work.” As an employer in Singapore, Understand this before deciding upon a reward system.

2.Identify the goals that the reward system will encourage

You do not want a situation in which you reward the accomplishment of every goal. A good reward system supports those long term goals that no one in the organization has attained yet, so as to inspire employees to reach them.

3. Understand the key measurements of performance or behaviour

How are you going to identify high performance and good behaviour if almost all of your employees are at their best? You don’t want to earn everybody left out, do you really? Tune your reward system based on the team’s previous achievements to lock high acting mark-timers so that you do not end up rewarding everybody by identifying other performance measurements other than financial returns, such as client satisfaction and faster delivery.

When choosing a good reward system, ensure that you consider the total benefits that the business reaps. Working overtime and beating deadlines might not be as reward worthy as winning a contract to the company.

How to Choose a Good Employee Reward System in Singapore

employee reward systemExcellent performance of employees is paramount to the success of any organization in Singapore. Being employed is a give and take situation. An employee will strive to give you the best work and expect to take a good reward home in return. With high competition for top performing employees here in Singapore, the best way to retain high performers is by having a good motivational package. An employer should have a reward system that ensures that they are not creating a culture where employees expect extra packages for doing what they are employed to do, while still ensuring that they motivate top performers to keep doing great and under performers to do better. So, how do you choose a good employee reward system? Here’s how

1. Understand the difference between reward and recognition

This is the basic and most important step in choosing an employee reward system. Rewards are the tangible things such as gifts that you give your employees for good performance whereas recognition is intangible and relational such as saying “thank you for good work.” As an employer in Singapore, Understand this before choosing a reward system.

2. Identify the goals that the reward system will support

You do not want a scenario where you reward the achievement of every goal. A good reward system supports those long term goals that no one in the organization has achieved yet, in order to motivate employees to achieve them.

3. Understand the key measurements of performance or behavior

How will you identify high performance and good behavior if most of your employees are at their best? You do not want to make everyone left out, do you? Tune your reward system based on the group’s previous achievements to lock out high performing mark-timers so that you do not end up rewarding everyone by identifying other performance measurements other than financial returns, such as customer satisfaction and faster delivery.

When choosing a good reward system, ensure that you consider the overall benefits that the company reaps. Working overtime and beating deadlines may not be as reward worthy as winning a contract for the company.

Employee Rewards Program in Singapore.

employee reward programThe way you employee reward program,Edenred is an important foundation for effective people management. Money is by no means the only motivator of people, but too little money demotivates powerfully. Studies have shown that the material reward is much stronger than the monetary reward.

1. How to determine the levels of remuneration

To determine how much compensation is appropriate, consider what level of compensation employees will attract, retain and motivate people of the required caliber. If an employee does something that leads to a one-time incentive for the company, a one-time incentive is most appropriate.

2. Why give employees additional remuneration in addition to wages?

Keep in mind that the main reason you give an employee reward program,Edenred is that you want exceptional results, not comparable productivity. The exceptional performance will more than cover an additional fee.

– remuneration of employees should be established for noteworthy achievements

– Rewards should be associated with the specific completion of assignments

– Employees should be encouraged to state their latest achievements

– Make sure that the employee knows that they deserve it; he will have a great impression on their personality

3. Employee benefits should never be an alternative to a reasonable remuneration scheme

This type of remuneration should not be established as a sustainable variant of stable income changes, when in fact these changes must be performed for the permanent and regular performance of tasks, excellent performance and noticeable changes in good faith or in raising the status score. Remember that the employee’s reward is a one-time incentive program; Therefore, it should be stated and should be well understood by employees so that they know where to stand.

4. Employee benefits should not reflect the impression that these are changes in the basic payment

This should be stated to the employees so that they do not expect anything more than what they should have received. Make it obvious that extra pay for special achievements and nothing more. As a rule, remuneration to employees may be in the form of cash incentives or non-cash benefits. This may even be something of a real financial value, for example, a personal letter.

5. Compensation by volume

If you must use the employee’s monetary compensation type, give a reward based on the results. This means that the employee receives a fixed amount for a certain amount of results. Theoretically, this gives the employee the best incentive to maximize output. In fact, employees tend to set a ceiling on their income and, therefore, for their efforts. Nevertheless, the key concept here is that management should reward an employee who is tied to individual achievement. The reward should be big enough to have value – no one likes to receive too little reward, as it can have the opposite effect and cause the employee to treat the company as cheap or to underestimate it. Never reward an employee for what was taken as a reasonable goal. It should be given only for exceptional achievements.

Edenred Customer Loyalty Programs for Singaporean Market

Practically every business tries to figure out how to increase sales and the bottom line. While many of them focus on bringing in new customers and spend large amounts of money in marketing for this purpose, returning customers are often overlooked. In reality, businesses could significantly improve their sales by marketing more to their existing customer base. This can be done through a combination of customer loyalty programs that are designed to bring in returning revenue from the same customers.One of the most effective ways of drawing customers back into the store is to use loyalty cards. With loyalty cards, individuals have a card in which they scan during each transaction. When a transaction occurs, the customer loyalty program keeps track of the amount purchased.

When you use loyalty cards, it is important for the business owner to ensure that a quality system is utilized. The system needs to be able to keep track of many different customer’s purchases and shopping records to work correctly. If the system does not work correctly, it could end up giving away too much free or discounted product to customers.Edenred may be concerned about the costs of free or discounted products to loyal customers, the program is still usually profitable. By doing a customer loyalty program, the business can spend less on advertising and instead put some of that money towards free or discounted product for the customers. Another advantage of using this type of program is that it can encourage customers to come back more frequently and buy more in anticipation of getting free or discounted product at some point in the future.

To create winning customer loyalty programs, Edenred understands, from years of regional experience and from in-depth research into the Singaporean market, that the flexibility and versatility of an incentive program is what appeals to the Singaporean customer who like the idea of being able to earn rewards regardless of the platform via which the purchase was made be it in a store, a website or through a mobile application. Edenred also understands that rebate based incentive programs are more appealing to the average Singaporean customers because shoppers are always thrilled by a sense of getting their cash back.

So if you want to maintain a hold on your customer, drive up sale, and attract new customers that would be loyal to your brand then call on Edenred to help your business in crafting that unique customer reward program that is tailored to suit your company’s marketing strategy.

It is Necessary to Have A Good Business Incentives Solutions

crm SingaporeWith the coming of brands, multiple stations and much more expertise for active involvement on the current market, businesses are waking up to how the challenge ahead of them isn’t in generating a few high quality offers or locating new clients but to keep an active amount of consumer involvement. Today, customers have more choices, are better conscious, permitted and also have a sense of privilege which could result in corrosion of consumer relationships. This sometimes happens in even conventional sectors such as finance, telecom and automobile. Brands across each sector, area and across a wide selection of markets have understood that cultivating the maximum degree of consumer involvement is currently the crucial business incentive solutions they must concentrate on.

Equipped with tough clients who have very significant expectations, manufacturers are convinced that the only way out of the tricky situation would be to enhance the degree of involvement with their customers and also the once way to accomplish this is through supplying  business incentive solutions . With the ideal sort of loyalty program, the advantages for your company can be manifold – raising brand value, increasing client loyalty, assisting the company to examine the buying pattern of sponsors and so adding to the fiscal well-being of the company in a persuasive way. The applications may be utilized as effective tools in regards to identifying the very best customers and assisting them through various degrees of customer involvement by providing them together with relevant communications, rewards and recognition.

Since customers become subjected to various channels of involvement, they create substantial quantities of touch points throughout their interaction with all the various brands. This highlights on the need for manufacturers to rethink in their approach on advertising more on a flat level as opposed to a vertical one. It highlights the significance of valuable the information generated at every customer touch point may be and just how essential it’s to incorporate this consciousness in each interaction that the brand could have with the customer. The 1 way to guarantee this is to utilize technology as the center for all customer contact points. These days, we’ve got many companies providing software for a service which permits the information to be retrieved and insights to be drawn in real time.

Before, companies hadn’t given serious thought of introducing business incentive solutions, oblivious it was a certain way to create a customer who became the patron, to remain faithful and curious to your own brand. However, this has changed entirely as entrepreneurs are convinced that reliability apps play an all important function to keep their existing customers, and at precisely the exact same time trying all they could think about, to entice new customers. Brands are constantly watching out for more client and station involvement, and there’s absolutely no doubt that it’s here to remain. In the event you’re needing to thank your customers by not worthwhile, then you may be sure that you will be left behind along with a wise competitor will be cashing in your supervision.

Reward Programs for Employees in Singapore

reward programs for employeesThe stiff competition among companies in recent times all over the world has forced companies seek out methods to reduce costs as much as you can, on the other hand, it has increased the desire of employees to become from their companies as much as you can. Everyone would like to get as much as possible, both employees and employers alike. One of the methods of motivating workers to increase their job input and so create more output is employee benefit programs, this helps produce the balance for both employees and employers to acquire great dividends.

WHAT ARE Reward Programs for Employees?

All these are systems set up by companies to recompense workers with remarkable documents and thus motivate them to perform significantly more, the reward method may be individual or group based. It is normally different from the laid down salary arrangement and it may be monetary or not, even though it is going to cost the business something.


There are several keys that have to be placed into consider while preparing a reward system, this is necessary so that it isn’t underutilized or unduly exploited. Here are a few of such keys:

– Identify which of the firm goals the benefit system will encourage.

– Identify the performance parameters that are in line with the business goals.

– Determine the key performance dimensions based on previous individual and group performances.

– Communicate the program to your employees.

There Are Lots of modes of benefit programs that have been utilized by businesses in Singapore, a Number of Them include:They are largely utilized in sales organizations to lure workers to boost their services. They can be given both on a person and group basis.

– Gain sharing.

This entailed taking a percentage of their organization’s profit and sharing it among the employees at specific intervals during the fiscal year.This reward gives employees the chance to purchase some of the company’s shares for a specified period of time.

– Variable pay.

This takes many forms, depending on what the company determines.

Successful Employee Reward Programs Can Do Wonders in Business

employee reward programIn the event that you don’t yet have an Employee reward program at your organization, you are passing up a major opportunity for an incredible approach to expand efficiency, help resolve, cultivate dedication, and increment workers pride in the working environment which converts into higher benefits and more noteworthy consumer satisfaction.

Below are some of the benefits employing good employee reward programs,Edenred Singapore to your organization.

1) Employees react to being acknowledged much more than money related rewards and salary increase. Since any additional wages or pay rates have shrouded costs like higher taxations, a moderately cheap reward plaque, medal or trophy gives much more blast to the buck. Giving worker rewards is less expensive than raising pay rates or benefits.

2) Fair competation between workers will build efficiency as every worker endeavors to be a top entertainer and gain the acknowledgment for his or her endeavors. As employees vie for the acknowledgment award, efficiency improves meaning higher profits for the organization

3) Acknowledged employees are more loyal, which implies decreased turnover, higher worker retention, and minimal time and cost hiring and new employees training.

4) Employees acknowledged by their organizations are more hardworking and happy in the work environment, which implies into clients satisfaction.

5) A workers reward program makes an open door for the organization to wind up distinctly more bound together in a positive social setting. Your worker acknowledgment program ought to be composed around this occasion, regardless of whether yearly or semi-yearly.

6) Contagious are Attitudes – Rewarding your workers goes far toward cheerful workers that are more lively and profitable and influence others in the working environment emphatically

7)Rewarding employees can change negative practices in your organization. Reward workers for things like ‘exceptional employee’ and the employee reward program rouses the individuals who don’t get a honor so that the whole organization can move in the correct bearing as a group.

There are numerous imaginative approaches to give rewards to your employees, and in all cases it is significantly less expensive than fiscal pay to deliver a comparable outcome. An employee reward programs,Edenred Singapore, which is exceptionally reasonable, will ensure employees retention and cultivate more joyful, more faithful workers that will increase efficiency and clients satisfaction.