Need Loyalty Program Strategy in Singapore

loyalty program strategyRewards program from Edenred is a mode used to draw your perspective and some new customers by offering gifts and benefits to them. And, the most widely recognized benefits that you can offer to a member are: focuses to be collected and traded later with other items. This program has many variations, so basically everything depends on your strategy.

Often in a loyalty program strategy, every last member gets an Edenred loyalty card. Presently, to profit program benefits, the customer should show this card while making purchases. And, in case of internet shopping, the customer can be provided with a number to be used when they log out the website. There are number of ways a customer can get this card. They can use this card while making purchases at a solitary time or over some undefined time frame. Some retail businesses request that the shopper purchase the loyalty card according to their wish or give them away at the opening of business to attract new customers.

Stamp system is another variation of the loyalty program strategy which is not for members only. When a customer purchases anything for a specific amount, they get a stamp of some esteem. They have to collect a specific amount of stamps which they can later trade for a reward. You can furnish your customers with many rewards or make them trade it for anything like any purchase made for reduced esteem.

Every company has their own s loyalty program strategy. Many incline toward like Edenred to give loyalty cards and discounts to every member while others save them for their planned consumers. There is no specific strategy that works for every business. It depends on the nature of your items and consumers. You can likewise mingle a few strategies for a solitary business. For example, you may give member cards to everyone while save VIP cards for your potential consumers. This strategy can be useful when your business covers number of items with various value lists.


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