Know More about Channel Rewards Programs in Singapore

channel rewards programsChannel partners are companies that partner with a manufacturer in order to sell the products or services that are provided by the manufacturer. Channel partners generally interact with multiple organizations on a regular basis. Hence it is essential to maintain a proper working relationship to help the product endure with the test of time and not just survive, but stay at the top of the market. It is important to first define the nature of the channel partner relationship and then move to defining the objectives of the partnership.

One of the key techniques to build and sustain a long relationship is by the use of channel rewards programs which provide a range of rewards and attractive incentives to efficiently manage and maintain the relationships. These channel rewards programs boost the effective delivery of targets and the business goals by the clients. Many large scale organizations have pinpointed that the sale channels are the driving force for their businesses. Edenred is one such company that specializes in providing prepaid corporate services, offering a variety of choices of rewards and loyalty benefits for both employee and public benefits.

Edenred plays a key role in providing services to both clients as well as public institutions. Some of the products and services offered by Edenred are Restaurant meal vouchers, Compliments meal vouchers, Medical health and wellness vouchers and so on. The company has made a name for itself by designing a variety of innovative programs for public benefits in the areas of food, health and even education. The channel rewards programs work in a way such that it tracks and manages the performance and delivery standards of the channel partners and correspondingly allocating the rewards based on that performance in order to motivate the partners to perform and deliver the expected results.


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